05 Jul 2017

Monika gomez del campo bacardi, lady of bayfield hall

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Image Monika Gomez del Campo Bacardi, Lady of Bayfield Hall

Monika's Passions: Art and 7th Art

Monika Bacardi (Découvrir la page Imdb sur Monika Bacardi) She holds the opinion that cinema can transform the world.

Monika Bacardi spends some of her time at film galas, award ceremonies and good-cause events thanks to her reputation as a humanitarian and recognised standing in the arts sector. Lady Bacardi very much loves her work and, consequently, it is also a huge part of her personal life. She thinks that one should strive to work with a smile on one's face and should try to stay buoyant. In many areas of her life, Monika Bacardi likes to share her intense sensitivity to social and green issues.

Largely due to her love of cinema, she helped set up AMBI group (a cinematographic business headquartered in Europe) in 2013. Monika Bacardi's involvement in the arts world was furthered after she became co-owner of 'PHOTO' Magazine in the year 2014. Due to a love of philanthropy, Monika Bacardi is involved in many charitable organisations.

The Professional Activities of Monika Bacardi

Between eight and ten movies are produced each year, ranging from in-house to 3rd party creations. Monika Bacardi achieves this courtesy of the AMBI Group. Offering career guidance, while making connections with global customers, are services that Lady Bacardi strives to develop around her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists. She works to fund, produce and deliver motion pictures to an international market in her position as co-founder and producer of the AMBI Group. Monika Bacardi acquired the prestigious 'PHOTO' magazine (which has been running since the 60's) a few years ago.

Monika Bacardi is associated with the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation and she is also very engaged in other cultural and humanitarian activities in Monaco. The H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation aims to protect the environment and to publicise maintainable advancement all over the world. Raising the consciousness of the effects people's pursuits have on the natural planet is something that she aims to achieve via the foundation. One of the reasons that she backs the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation is that Monika Bacardi feels strongly about encouraging green thinking.

She partnered with Andrea Iervolino to launch AMBI Pictures and, together, they have crafted an excellent list of movies for the global marketplace. Monika Bacardi has revealed an amazing entrepreneurial talent following the 2005 death of her husband, who managed the Bacardi business for forty years. Monika Bacardi's formal title is "Lady of Bayfield Hall" or Lady Bacardi although, in recent times, she has also become known as "The Queen of Charity". She is quite the personality in modern cinematic circles in America and throughout the Continent.